Shaw family portrait

It has been stormy and rainy over the last weekend. Not like a couple of weeks ago, leaves started turning color and Halloween displays were seen here and there. As temperatures dropped, I had to drag out sweaters and a pair of boots from a closet. It began feeling like fall on the West Coast, so it was nice to see images from a previous season, a sunny and warm September.

It was truly my pleasure photographing Shaw's family again. Emma has started talking much more words than last year and being able to express a variety of emotions towards her parents during her short conversation. She also became more curious about things around her. She finds something interest everywhere. It seems like her world became little bigger than the session in last year. When I witnessed her growth, again I found magic in a human being that our possibility is endless.

Next year, I will see upgrade version of Emma. She will be more talkative and will show her emotion differently. This session gave me a little emotional touch because I fully understood how precious it is for parents to see their kids' growth. As a photographer, this experience is also irreplaceable because I can acknowledge the deep insight of life by staying along with someone's life moment that will never be the same.