Nozomi + Hide

 The first time I had photographed Nozomi when she had yet not known anything about falling in love.

The pure white condition of her heart and soul reminded me of a snow field which nobody had marked yet. I told her that women would become even more beautiful when they had experienced being in love. I had thought it was a great advantage of being born as a woman. I was very curious how it would change her perspective when she experienced being in love.

A few years later, she had met a wonderful person and got married. It was my honor to have an opportunity to photograph her and her husband during my visit to Japan. Because I had not seen her since the last time I photographed her, I was filled up with excitement and almost cried when I met her. She had remained pure yet grown into a refined woman.

Since the last time I photographed her, I have also got older and have thought about maintaining mental well being as a woman more than when I was in twenty. During the experiences, I have come to the facts that many of us have a great fear of aging, and we have been afraid of being invaluable as a woman when wrinkles cover our face, and we become incapable of having a baby. But I have met a lot of older women, and they are all very confident and comfortable in their skin and have reconfirmed that real beauty of being a woman is undefinable by these time-limited conditions. I saw the beauty that shined from inside of them through their eyes, smiles and positive attitude toward life. They had showed me that the best advantage of being a woman was that we could transform into a more beautiful being with knowledge, education, and compassion for others.

Now I have the different perspective about being a woman, so I am even more curious how she will be growing with what she gets from the experiences through her life. I hope that I can follow up with her at each of her life events and photograph her transformation.