Two Tiny Elephants

  • reasonable rate
  • lifestyle photography
  • authenticity than posing
  • focus on details
  • capture last long memories

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Nanae Nishimura


Nanae believes that photography is a way for telling stories of life.

Not only does she create beautiful images, but you can hear the laughter, smell the moisture on a rainy day and even feel the wind being blown through images. Her photography reflects the pure emotions themselves with a sense of the environment.

Nanae is originally from Japan. Since moving to Canada more than a decade ago, she has met so many wonderful people in her life. Through the experiences and interactions with them, she was inspired by their life style and encouraged her to pursue a creative path. She cherishes individualism; being who you really are. 

Nothing ever stays still. That is why when we feel so much pure happiness, we wish it will last a lifetime. Everyday experiences are essential for becoming who we are. 

Portrait photography is truly her passion because she can preserve a piece of someones' life with a photo.




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